Carlos J. Betancourt

Carlos J. Betancourt


Carlos J. Betancourt has more than 12 years experience in handling motor vehicle accidents and criminal cases.

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Carlos J. Betancourt is a seasoned attorney with a career that spans over a decade. He specializes in both criminal law and personal injury claims, showing his versatility and depth of legal expertise. His approach goes beyond the courtroom, taking time to understand the unique circumstances of each client and alleviating their worries through comprehensive support.


Carlos has been an esteemed member of the Arizona State Bar since 2003. With the establishment of The CJB Office of Law in 2006, Carlos took a significant step in his career, opening doors to personalized legal services that cater to clients' unique needs. His commitment to upholding justice and dedication to his clients have been pivotal in shaping the reputation of his practice.

In addition to his service in Arizona, Carlos is also a member of the Florida State Bar. This underlines his extensive knowledge of law across different jurisdictions and his commitment to serve a wider range of clients, proving the breadth of his professional reach.


Carlos has an extensive educational background that has equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in his legal practice.


Admitted to the SBA

Over the years, Carlos has utilized his robust expertise and the platform provided by the Arizona State Bar to make significant strides in his field, consistently demonstrating his unwavering dedication to clients and the legal profession.

The CJB Office of Law Founded

In 2006, Carlos J. Betancourt took a pivotal step in his career by founding The CJB Office of Law. This initiative stemmed from his desire to offer more personalized legal services.

Admitted to the SBF

Carlos’s acceptance into the Florida State Bar not only confirms his comprehensive understanding of the law but also highlights his readiness to take on challenging legal matters in the service of justice.
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